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Tecnoliva  offers innovative solution for the working machines in extra virgin olive oil producing sector. In order to increase its work, the company has decided to have an internal collaborator that would constitute a separated section that is specifically equipped for experimentation, study and research. In this way, the TecnoTreB was born from Tecnoliva. 

Thanks to the profound know-how hailing from the long experience in this working sector of the Tecnoliva founders, together with the young staff, the new human and material resources, but above all thanks to an innovative spirit, TecnoTreB plans and realise sophisticated and focused electric panels. 

They are cutting-edge specific systems for oil machines and olive presses that are able to offer reliability, safety and a high level of product quality. The new realisation gives a huge improvement to productive performances of Tecnoliva, creating different functions for the final customer and the distinct specific sector. Services and products are related to electric panels electro-mechanically constructed, planned to avoid machine interruptions and electronic failures. 

Actually, TecnoTreB has implemented the possibility to set up through pop-up pages, working process times and temperature set points in the principal machine sections. In this way, he appointed operator can insert the working order specifying the final customer to which has to go the final product. Not only can it define the quantity and the typology of the raw material used, codifying through a unique code for each order. To increase the excellence of the result, the whole process can be managed in real time from the machine and it is saved in a Secur Digital memory guaranteeing always a constant control of the critical parameters and the visualisation also on big led displays. 

Using the software “Commesse Reader” of TecnoTreB the data are made available in the web connected by Ethernet and then the customer can do statistical analysis and print information directly from the remote control room of their system. The result is the enrolment and the official recognition for an effective statement of extra virgin olive oil cold extraction. 

The electric panels realised by TecnoTreB are in keeping with the regulations according to the Legislation 2006/95/CE – LV and the Legislation 2004/108/CE – EMC.



With TecnoTreB new electric panels were born. They are dedicated to oil systems of recent production. The products are customised according to the specific requests of the customer. 

They are programmed to answer to the specific productive needs and to satisfy needs of the particular systems. The result is the production of electric panels exclusively destined to oil systems so they aren’t standardised, but they have to avoid any unexpected producing interruption, maybe caused by the overloading of obsolete devices. 

The prices are convenient for customised product, a consulting service and a maintenance service always active.

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The TecnoTreB company technicians are the youngest and most advances resources of Tecnoliva. They deal with the oil system software programming and the software are rigorously personalised and customised. 

These tools allow people to manage the producing process in real time thanks to the machinery and the relative Secure Digital memory for the results. All guaranteeing simultaneously the constant control of all the critical parameters and the visualisation of the value on a led display. 

Moreover, it offers the possibility to do, record analysis and statistics and print directly the information of the remote control room about oil extraction also with quality certification.

assistance service TecnoTreB


TecnoTreB and Tecnoliva technicians guarantee to all customers that requires that, a, assistance service. The operators repair, restore, update and standardize to legislation of old and new oil systems belonging to the company or third parties.

Moreover, they provide original spare parts and compatible components. In addition to that, they propose a customised consultation with a free inspection and without any charge. This service wants to define possible intervention programs.

For further information or to use the service, the company advice to contact the company offices to fix an appointment with one operator.