Smashers for olives

The olive smashing is a mechanic operation that today is done exclusively by the use of automated machineries aimed at the ripping of olive skin, so that they release the oil and precious substances like oleuropein that is able to influence exponentially the oil taste as we had said before. Tecnoliva offers a wide range of secondhanded and multibrand olive smashers for the direct control of the working phases and the extraction.

In particular, the company has a machinery inventory with a lot of secondhanded olive smashers, completely inspected and guaranteed and to that they add a substitution service of original parts and periodic maintenance. Everything is offered at really competitive prices.

- Smasher HP15-20 with INOX base
- Smasher HP20
- Smasher HP30 with INOX base
- Smasher HP30

- Smasher Slow