Knead for olives

All the olive knead are composed by a horizontal container provided with internal rotating blades for the grinding of the remains of oil extraction. The kneading, even automatic, breaks the grain vacuoles, but the real difficulty is not altering the raw material and the deriving oil. Tecnoliva proposes the best kneads existing on the whole territory, both new or secondhanded. 

In detail, in this section the company sells some available series of olive kneads belonging to prestigious brand like Rapanelli that today are no longer used and so they also give a focused assistance. 

There are secondhanded kneading groups, but they are completely inspected and guaranteed with a locating and original parts substitution service.

- Knead EDJ 4X700
- Knead Export 3X700
- Knead Export 6X700
- Knead Mono RAM 3X700
- Knead RAM 4X700

- Sinolea S1-90 without kneads