Oil dividers

Tecnoliva  is not the only one that is able to plan special oil dividers of recent generation, but it recovers and selects used machineries still functioning and performing. The company and its staff personally verifies the functioning of the barrel that is a component which permits the division of the oily must.

In this way it results cleaner and without dregs. Not all the models are as much compact and fast, but the company guarantees for all the sold products the maximum efficiency. The obtained results during the production will always take to an oil with unaltered organoleptic properties that are typical of the raw material cold extracted. 

The secondhanded oil dividers sold in this section are always controlled, inspected and guaranteed with a complementary service of original parts substitution.

- Divider Ramef 1500 automatic
- Divider Ramef 2000 automatic
- Divider Ramef 2750 automatic
- Divider Ramef 2750 with inverter