Oil decanter

The oil decanter, even in case of secondhanded products, has to guarantee the right operations of resting and stall of the precious liquid defining the organoleptic properties and separating the additional little remains, but without ruining or altering the properties. 

Tecnoliva sells secondhanded special oil decanters that are still innovative, safe, tested and modified products to work in more than one phase even through the substitution of the nozzles and the provided kit. The machineries are provided with a starting system, one of the most sophisticated electronic system for the control of cochlea rotations or the related safety system. 

Our secondhanded decanters are previously tested, controlled, inspected and finally guaranteed. Moreover, the company technicians offer a focused activity of original parts substitution.

- Decanter Ramef 480
- Decanter Ramef 480-6750 ECO
- Decanter Ramef 3500 ECO
- Decanter Ramef 4750 AR

- Decanter Ramef 4750 ARP