Washing machines for olives

As we have already said, the olive cleaning fastens and optimize the following working phases of the raw materials and also the oil extraction, contributing to the improvement of quality, taste and organoleptic properties. In this way, the result is a superior oil. Tecnoliva sells secondhanded machineries like washing machines for olives, but they are fixed as new and guaranteed because they are perfectly able to guarantee a correct and complete cleaning of the olive like the new machineries. They do that before the olives enter the producing process and they do not ruin body and olive pulp. The secondhanded cleaning groups and the washing machines for olives that are sold by the company, are completely inspected and guaranteed and in addition to that they have a service of sale, installation and substitution of original parts.

- Washing machine LAVOLEA 90

- Washing machine LAVOLEA INOX