Olive kneading

The knead is a horizontal container with rotating blades and the aim is that of grind and make paste of the remains of the olive extraction. The olive paste obtained, comes out of the grinder through a door and it fills up the knead where it is maintained in slow movement for the operation of gentle mixing that lasts in one hour. This operation is necessary to release more oil because it is inside the olive grain or drupe and it is contained by little capsules called vacuoles. The kneading has the precis task of breaking the natural vacuoles without altering the raw material and the oil that come out of it. The precious liquid coagulates then in drops until it emerges on the surface. This is one of the fundamental operations of the olive oil extractions, but a company to obtain such an excellent quality needs technologically advanced devices with high performances. Tecnoliva proposes the best olive kneading on the whole territory. In detail, it has available 4 series, all with the number of basins to be set, with kneading provided with space for paste temperature control and the self-warming up of each basin with circulator. Moreover, the kneadings are provided with some glass observatories to see the loading, water and temperature detectors, heated and led illuminated glasses. The devices have one pump or a pump with stainless steel blades in every basin. In addition to that the basin cleaning operations are autonomous and automatic and they are managed also thanks to the pneumatic opening of the basin covers. The loading process of the basin uses pneumatic valves and detectors for the replenishment and the ending of the paste.

The olive kneading models are:
- Kneading Group TOP 700: the advanced solution with a pneumatic double vertical simultaneous opening, vertical loading with pneumatic valves for a maximum loading of 700 or 900 litres.
- Kneading TOP 400: the solution with parallel kneading provided with one pneumatic lateral opening, loading with pneumatic valve on the rear part for a maximum loading of 400 litres.

- Overlapping Knead Group: is the cheap solution with kneads and central drain with manual opening, place for the olive smasher in the superior plate or on the ground with a stainless pump without olive elevator.