Oil dividers

Thanks to the experience matured in the field of extraction of the olive oil, Tecnoliva has been able to design the new T15, a special divider last updated provided with a starting with inverter to safeguard the energy saving. 

The geometries of the barrel allow an operation of division of the oily must without the addition of water so the machinery obtains an increasingly pure and clean oil without dregs. Our divider is one of the most innovative and efficient oil dividers on the market and it is provided with:

- Barrel, disks, covering and pipes
- Entirely made by stainless steel
- Time capacity for the production of must: 1200-2000 l
- Speed: 6400 rpm
- Net weight: 1100 kg
- Engine power: 7,5 KW.
- Series of oil dividers: T15
- Maximum rotations: 6400
- Payload: 1500/2000 litres/hour

- Obstruction: H, L, D 1600 mm x 700 mm x 700 mm.