Before starting the oil process, it is necessary to clean the olives and free them from discard materials such as filth, extraneous material or vegetal material of various nature. 

The perfect cleaning of the olives makes easier and faster the following working and semi-working phases of the raw material (the oil) helping the improvement of the quality that in this way turns out to be higher. 

For this reason, it is necessary that all contaminants of the olive crop, still recent, will be immediately removed. Tecnoliva produces specific machineries for the cleaning of the crop like the most updated washing machines for olives. In particular, it produces 2 cleaning groups: Idrolava and Tecnolava. 

Both are washing machines for olives with the highest performances and the best technical characteristics so they are safe and guaranteed, but above all they are tested and directly managed by the company technicians. These are machineries that are able to guarantee the right and complete cleaning of olives before the olives will be introduced in the productive process without ruining body and pulp.