Tecnoliva a Perugia

Tecnoliva di Spello (PG)  was born in recent 2012 thanks to the courage, initiative and competence to get going again of 5 employees of the bankrupt Rapanelli company. When they were left without a job after more than 20 years of working, they decided to not surrender and to create a new company from the ashes of the bankrupt previous one. They improvised to be businessmen, but they actually are 5 qualified and expert technicians that for more than 2 decades work in assembly and assistance of oil machineries all over the world. In particular, they are 4 specialised mechanics and an electrician. They are one and they are united for the same aim: they want to power up again such sectorial and technical job offering assistance to third companies and consortium during the entire oil campaign and much more. They make available services dedicated also all oil mills that have Rapanelli oil machineries (RCM) and OLIMIO of Toscana Enologica Mori. 

Tecnoliva starts with scarce resources from the little warehouse of no more than 500mq for the maintenance of machineries of Rapanelli company, but after a few time it were already become really a producing of new machineries. The professional environment expands exponentially thanks to members and to new increasingly customers. Then they increased the 500mq with other 200mq and they started having new human resources because they hired 6 new employees until the biggest goal of the reaching of the SRL acronym. In 2014, it was born the TecnotreB srl that is considered as a Tecnoliva rib that was created with the specific precise of producing specific electric panels for oil systems and offering customised technical services, but also for the software programming sector. An efficient study and experimentation support entirely offered by this new born SRL to Tecnoliva. In this case, the aim is to put on the market new oil machineries, make new patents, invent new technologies and experiment the original prototypes. 

Tecnoliva company snc has its workshop in Via Prima Traversa of Via Navello in the industrial area of Spello.

Here, in this equipped spaces, the technical staff practice activities such as cochleae and decanter barrels balancing, balancing of dividers and endorser for smashers, reconstruction of decanter cochleae and sale of a wide range of spare parts and second-hand systems hailing from the old Rapanelli industry. Moreover, the company boasts a yearly long collaboration with Toscana Enologica Mori industry, above all for assembly, assistance and sale operations for new and second-hand systems. 

The company staff for the sector of smasher endorsers is able to offer electric assistance and do possible modifications on request to the already existing electrical panels, because not only does it have the PLC to monitor the different working phases for temperature and time control. There are also inverter applications for decanters and dividers, probes for the monitoring of temperature and level detectors. Finally, we have spare parts of different brands and models for all the commercialised products. But, for what concerns technical services for third companies, the company follows the customers during the oil campaign that today is reduced to 30/40 working days, offering the possibility of draw up special agreements of resting the oil systems at the end of the season. 

This activity, comprehends dismantling, cleaning, greasing and control of all the machineries, but also the power up at the beginning of the oil season with the assembly for the dismantled machineries and the additional control of their functioning. This type of service can be also done on other constructors’ machineries with a multi brand competence that expends nationally. The future aim of this new born company, following important goal to be reached, is to organise a multi-brand technical assistance that will cover at 360° also oil mills of other factories. In particular, the mission is for the improvement and the technological innovation in extractive techniques for the extra virgin olive oil in all the phases of the extractive processes, in fact the production machines of this company compliant the community guidelines 2006/42/CE and 2004/108/CE UNI EN ISO 12100; CEI EN 2004 60204-1; CEI EN 61439-1.