Olive Smashers

The smashing of olives is a mechanic operation aimed at ripping the skin of the vegetable raw material realising in this way the refined oil and precious materials such as the oleuropein. Actually, this substance is a “friend” molecule that in water separates its components influencing directly the oil taste. In particular, if you contribute to give more or less emphasised the bitter and spicy taste of the product that is one of the most appreciated and peculiar characteristic of the oil and its first indicator of quality. This aspect has great importance, so Tecnoliva offer the possibility to directly control this working phase thanks to the production of olive smashers

The most recent devices with peculiar characteristic that meet the FRT HP 30 and FRT HP40 requirements. They are completely in stainless steel, so they are inoxidizable and provided with 3 different implementations for the same machine. The customer will have only to choose which kit prefers using for his olive smashing:

- Kit with movable hammers and rotating cleaner to exalt the bitter and spicy of the olives.
- Kit with movable knives and rotating cleaner for an intermediate taste.

- Kit pre-smashing with a low cutting velocity for a more lovable oil. 

The technical specific od the devices FRT HP40 are concerned with the engines power of 30kw, while those FRT HP 30 devices have an engine power of 22kw.